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Cannabis science

A commitment to advancing the science of nature

At Curaleaf, our vision is to shape the future of cannabis through a commitment to research and product excellence, in order to bring the life-enhancing potential of cannabis to those who need it.

We believe the growth of the medical cannabis sector must be underpinned by the most robust science and that only a scientific, data-backed approach can facilitate a true move forward in the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes.

Research and innovation are essential in accelerating our understanding of the potential medical benefits of cannabis. That’s why we’re partners with leading global academic institutions including Imperial College, London and University of Insubria – putting us at the very forefront of global research programmes.

Academic & Research Partnerships

We’re here for healthcare professionals

Medical cannabis is at a pivotal moment in Europe. It shows promise in many therapeutic fields and may help manage a wide range of conditions. While traction is growing, it is still far from being established as a fully licensed medicine in most markets. We’re here to help. To get closer to fully licensed products, we are investing time and resources into generating data and carrying out studies to provide a strong evidence base for the use of medical cannabis across multiple therapy areas.

We work with healthcare professionals to continuously learn more about the needs of your patients and what we can do to help.

We’re here for patients

People seek medical cannabis to help with many different health challenges. We do not take our responsibility lightly when it comes to developing products that may offer people relief.

Whether that means a reliable chemical formula or a palatable format, we strive to develop products and delivery systems that can help make the medicinal use of cannabis accessible to everyone who is suitable.

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