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Cannabis change

Cannabis is many things to many people.

It is hope. It is optimism. It is a chance to try a new way. At Curaleaf International, we strive to offer cannabis care to every single person who needs it. Our vision is to shape the future of cannabis through our commitment to research and product excellence. We are Curaleaf International. And cannabis is our calling.

From seed to patient

At Curaleaf International, we have the unique ability to handle our cannabis all the way from seed to patient.

The quality of our products is unrivalled thanks to a vertically integrated supply chain, tightly controlled at every point in the production process – designed to ensure reliability and consistency, batch after batch.

On top of that, third party testing means we can be confident what we say on the package is exactly what’s inside. Our business model powers our vision: to make high quality cannabis accessible to those that need it.

We're European

We want to provide quality cannabis for every person who is prescribed it. This means understanding local guidelines and needs for each country. We already have a presence in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Poland and the Czech Republic – and we’re looking to grow.

We're scientific

As a scientifically-driven company, we work continuously to advance our understanding of the therapeutic value of cannabis and how it may improve the lives of more people all around the world. We believe only a data-led approach can facilitate a true move forward in the use of medical cannabis.

We're specialists

We combine cutting-edge scientific research with the latest innovations in cultivation, extraction and production and a vertically integrated approach. This experience means we’re ready to meet the rapidly growing demand for premium medical cannabis products.

We're growing

EU GMP Manufacturing Facilities
Medical Cannabis Licences

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